PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Police Department and Park City School District have issued an alert about the synthetic drug U-47700, more commonly known as “pink” or “pinky.”

Authorities said two fatal overdoses in Salt Lake County and Iron County have been attributed to the drug.

Now two teens may bring the death total to four.

Officials have not identified the victims however, the Park City School District posted a message on Facebook stating the Park City Police Dept. is investigating the death of two 13-year-old students from Treasure Mountain Junior High.

That post came around the same time the district sent out the drug warning Tuesday.

Police have not confirmed if the students died from an overdose.


Authorities are waiting on toxicology reports to determine how the teens died.

However, the school district and police warned parents about the drug during a news conference where they confirmed the teens’ deaths.

Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center said, “The synthetic opioid… is growing in popularity with recreational drug users throughout the United States…[and] is readily available for purchase on the internet; primarily from Chinese suppliers.”

The drug is so new it is not yet illegal to buy.

Officials said the substance is extremely toxic, even in small doses.

Police are are asking anyone to contact local law enforcement if you come in contact with the drug.

Warning from Park City Police:

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