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Outpatient Recovery: Taking Precautions

After finishing inpatient drug rehab, many individuals are involved in some sort of outpatient recovery. The amount of intensity involved in the outpatient process depends upon the individual and his/her goals. It’s key that precautions are taken to avoid relapse into addiction while in outpatient recovery.

“(Matthew) Perry’s troubles with alcohol and prescription painkillers kicked into high gear during his years as one of TV’s ‘Friends,’ but treatment helped him create a healthy new normal. Today, he’s a fierce champion of treatment for addiction rather than incarceration. Helping those who share his struggles, he told People magazine in 2013, is the ‘thing I like the most about me.’” ( Perry says, “When you’re having a bad day, the best thing you can do is call somebody and ask them how they’re doing, and actually pay attention and listen to the answer to get out of your own head.” Taking these kind of precautions, like Matthew Perry did when he focused on helping someone else through a bad day, can really strengthen outpatient recovery.

Often, during inpatient recovery, individuals recognize people and relationships that encourage drug use in their lives., its important to take precautions and have a full awareness of those individual who may trigger

drug abuse in one’s future. Often, these coping tactic with individuals who may present these triggers are dealt with in outpatient recovery. In this way, a process can be in place to remove oneself from triggering friends and situations. Other tri

ggers, such as visiting certain locations or driving certain vehicles, or eating specific foods, can also be discussed and examined so

preventative measures can be put into place when those situations arise.

When it comes to addiction recovery it doesn’t matter if you’re a famous celebrity or the guy down the street, any precaution to stay sober is what is needed for lasting outpatient recovery.