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Non 12 Step Rehab

As a non 12 step rehab treatment facility, Turning Point Centers is different from many traditional 12 step based residential programs in our approach to treatment for addiction and co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders.Non 12 Step Rehab

12 Step Alternative Program

Our program is a culture of compassionate recovery.

At Turning Point Centers we believe that during one’s active addictions they develop a broken connection with themselves and other people.

We also find that there is a lot of un-metabolized grief.

A key piece of what we work on at Turning Point Centers is healing one’s relationships with themselves.

When a person is reconnected to themselves they can be more fully available to heal their broken connections to significant others, family members, and friends.

As a non 12 step rehab facility, the main way we help one reconnect is through teaching Emotional Regulation skills and Mindfulness based CBT, as well as incorporating CBT, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, and group therapy.


The 12-step approach was started back in the 1930’s before the medical community had any real understanding of what causes addiction, or how to treat it. It certainly has helped many people to achieve and sustain sobriety over the years.

However, the 12-step approach is a peer-based community support group…basically one addict or alcoholic helping another. It is a culture of recovery that is based in the personal opinions of those who attend meetings and does not take into account the science of addiction, the role of the mid-brain, or the overwhelming presence of co-occurring mental health issues for those who struggle with this vicious disease.

Licensed professionals do not moderate the meetings themselves.

However, the same fellowship and support found within 12-step groups is very present within our program, made up of individuals seeking a holistic, therapeutic path to recovery. And we encourage and support our clients in taking advantage of the 12-step approach, if they wish, once they complete residential treatment.

Our Non 12 Step Rehab Approach

Many facilities take a different approach when treating Dual Diagnosis substance abuse that don’t involve 12-step rehab. These approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), which is a form of CBT.

CBT and REBT are evidenced-based approaches (clinically proven and supported by SAMHSA) for dealing with affective and addictive disorders. Albert Ellis, who was awarded the distinction of being “the most influential psychologist” of the 20th Century by the American Psychological Association, first developed REBT.

CBT and more specifically, REBT, assume that people act the way they do because of their perceptions of reality, not because of reality itself. In other words, behaviors, emotions and thoughts are driven by beliefs that people hold about how things “should” be rather than how things actually are.

REBT therapy is a 12 step alternative program designed to help individuals discover underlying and often unconscious, inflexible and self-destructive beliefs about themselves, others and the world. Once these beliefs are identified, challenged and reframed, individuals are able to increasingly accept themselves and others without emotional distress.

This resulting reduction in emotional distress allows them to reduce their overall stress and anxiety levels, to improve their mood and to gain control over self-destructive behaviors such as addiction. This differs from the 12-step approach in that a licensed and trained individual administers the therapy, and the therapy is specific and targets particular issues.

Many good things have come out of the 12-step addiction recovery programs. However, non 12 step rehabs are also very successful and life changing – often more so.

Do proper research on CBT, REBT and the 12-steps, including non 12 step rehab treatments, to be certain what is going to be best for you and/or your loved one and don’t hesitate to get help and ask questions!