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Prescription Pill Abuse

Treatment for prescription pill abuse Prescription pill abuse has become widespread since the inception of “refills.” It has become very easy to refill prescriptions at pharmacies. Very often an addict will go to the pharmacy, fill out the normal paperwork. This paperwork will then be sent to the physician for a signature. Sometimes a signature will be granted simply out of routine rather than truly giving consideration to the “need” and/or “urgency” of the refill.

Prescription drug addiction is a growing problem that many people don’t take seriously. People think since the medications came from a doctor or were “prescribed” that abusing them is different than someone using “street drugs.” Prescription pill addiction is exactly the same as anyone who gets addicted to “street drugs.”

When a patient begins to requests refills more often it, theoretically, should be noticed. Unfortunately very often it’s not noticed until the next review. Some refills can be as many as 12 before the doctor must personally see and talk with the patient.

There are many different prescription pills that are abused in today’s society. Common abuse occurs with tranquilizers, pain pills, sleeping aids, anxiety pills etc. The most common prescription pill abuse will happen with either tranquilizers or pain pills. There are many symptoms that are noticeable with these addictions. The main symptom is an increased tolerance to the drug. When this happens the patient will go from normal prescription use to dependence and ultimately to addiction. This will be an easy pattern to watch because the prescriptions will be emptied at much shorter intervals than listed on the bottle. This leads to many problems. The body and mind will become more tolerant to dangerous levels of the medications, the pain will not go away because the more pain pills the patient takes the more sensitive the body becomes to pain. Thus, the patient gets caught in a nasty downward spiral. More pain…more pills…even more pain…more pills. At this point the client understands it’s getting worse but the limbic system in the mind has a difficult time wrapping itself around “quitting” because it believes it has to have the meds to live.

Some symptoms of prescription pill abuse are:

  • Complaining of vague symptoms to get more medication
  • Lack of interest in treatment options rather than medications
  • Mood swings
  • Seeing many doctors and/or pharmacies (doctor shopping)
  • Past history of drug abuse
  • On and Off relief of anxiety
  • Using prescriptions that were prescribed for others
  • On and Off relief of anxiety
  • Using more than the recommended amount on the bottle


Some effects of using prescription pills:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulty sleeping OR sleeping too much
  • Loss of interest in relationships with friends or family members
  • Withdrawal symptoms when they run out of the prescription


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