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Drug Street Names


Adam, B-Bombs, Bathtub Crank, Batmans, Batu (smokable), Bean (capsule), Bens, Bikers Coffee (meth mixed with coffee), Blue Kisses, Blue Lips, Blue Meth, Boo, Chicken Feed, Crystal Meth, Clarity, Crink, Cris, Croak (crack mixed with meth), Crypto, Disco Biscuit, Ecstacy, Hanyak, Hot Ice, Khat, LA Glass, Meth Speed Ball (meth mixed with heroin), Mexican Crack, Rave Energy, Redneck Cocaine, Scoobie Snacks, Scootie, Spoosh, Stove Top, Tick Tick, Tik, Tina, Tweek, Wafers, Wheels, White Dove, Working Mans Cocaine, X-pills, XTC, Yellow Bam


Angie, Aunt Nora, Barbs, Bazooka (cocaine and marijuana mixed), Bazulco, Beam, Belushi (cocaine and heroin mixed), Bernice, Bernie, Black Rock, Bouncing Powder, C-Dust, C-Game, Cadillac, California Cornflakes, Candy, Candy C, Carrie, Casper, Double Bubble, Duct, Florida Snow, Foo Foo, Friskie Powder, Gin, Glad Stuff, Happy Trails, Have a Dust, Henry VIII, Hunter, Icing, Jejo, Jelly, King, Lady, Lady Snow, Mama Coca, Nose Candy, Nose Powder, Paradise, Pimp, Powder, Scottie, Studio Fuel, White Horse, Zip


Apple Jacks, B.J.’s, Baby T, Badrock, Base, Baseball, Beamers, Bebe, Blowout, Bobo, Bones, Bullion, Butler, Casper, Chronic (Crack mixed with marijuana), Cloud, Cloud 9, Cookies, Crank, Crib, Crunch & Munch, Demolish, Devil Drug, Double Yoke, Dragon Rock (Heroin and crack mixed), Eastside Player, Fries, Garbage Rock, Gravel, Grit, Hail, Hamburger Helper, Hard ball, Hell, Ice Cube, Issues, Jelly Beans, Kangaroo, Kryponite, Love, Mixed Jive, New Addition, Parlay, Paste, Pebbles, Pony, Prime Time, Raw, Red Caps, Rock, Rox, Roz, Scrabble, Seven-Up, Sightball, Sleet, Snow Coke, Stone, Sugar Block, Teeth, The Devil, Tissue, Twenty Rock, Ultimate, Wash, White Ball, White Ghost, White Sugar, White Tornado, Yahoo, Yale, Yayoo, Yeah-O


Al Capone, Antifreeze, Aunt Hazel, Ballot, Bart Simpson, Big Bag, Big H, Big Harry, Black Pearl, Black Tar, Blows, Blue Bag, Bombs Away, Bozo, Brain Damage, Brick Gum, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Rhine, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Caca, Capital H, Charley, China Cat (high potency heroin), Chip, Crown Crap, Diesel, Dirt, Dogie, Dooley, Dr. Feelgood, Duji, Dyno, Ferry Dust, Foil, Galloping Horse, Gear, George, Good H, H Caps, Hairy, Hard Candy, Harry, Helen, Horse, Horsebite, Hot Dope, Jack, Jee Gee, Junk, Joy, Mexican Horse, Mexican Mud, Nickel Deck, Nurse, Poppy, Predator, Pure, Rambo, Raw Hide, Red Eagle, Red Rock, Sack, Scag, Skag, Skid, Smack, The Beast, The Witch, Thunder, White Boy, White Junk, White Nurse, White Stuff


Acid, Animal, Barrels, Battery Acid, Beavis & Butthead, Big D, Black Star, Black Sunshine, California Sunshine, Blue Bombers, Chocolate Chips, Coffee, Contact Lens, Crystal tea, Cupcakes, Deeda, Domes, Electric Kool Aid, Felix the Cat, Fields, Flat Blues, Ghost, Golden Dragon, Grape Parfait, green Wedge, Hawaiin Sunshine, Hawk, Haze, Instant Zen, Loony Toons, Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds, Mellow Yellow, Orange Wedges, Owsley, Paper Acid, Pink Blotters, Pink Panther, Pink Robots, Pure Love, Rainbow, royal blues, Sacrament, Snowmen, Strawberry Fields, Sugar, Sunshine, Superman, Tabs, The Ghost, Ticket, Trips, White Dust, White Lightning, Ying Yang, Zen


Acapulco Gold, African, Airhead, Airplane, Astro Turf, Bammy, Bar, Bash, Black Bart, Blcok, Blonde, Bud, Burnie, Cheeba, Chicago Green, Chira, Chunky, Columbian, Colorado Cocktail, Crazy Weed, Dagga, Dew, Ding, Ditch, Don Jem, Doob, Doobee, Dope, Draf, Draf Weed, Endo, Fine Stuff, Fir, Flower, Gash, Ghana, Giggle Smoke, Goblet of Jam, Gold Star, Gong, Gonj, Grass, Grass Brownies, Green buds, Green goddess, Greta, Griff, Gunga, Hay, Herb, Homegrown, Joint, Joy Stick, Kali, Kansas Grass, Kentucky Blue, KGB, Killer Green Bud, Light Stuff, Loco, Loco Weed, Love Weed, meggie, Mexican Red, Mo, Mother, O.J., Panama Gold, Pod, Pot, Potlikker, Ragweed, Red Bud, reefer, Rip, Rose Marie, Shake, Skunk, Smoke, Stack, Stink Weed, Straw, Texas Pot, Texas Tea, Tustin, Wacky Backy, Wacky Weed, Wheat, Yeh, Yellow Submarine, Zol


Angel, Angel Dust, Angel Hair, Angel Mist, Animal Trank, Belladonna, black Dust, blue Madman, Boat, Busy Bee, Butt Naked, Cliffhanger, Cloumbo, Cozmo, Crystal Joint, Crystal T, Detroit Pink, Devil’s Dust, Dipper, Dust Joint, Elephant Trank, Energizer, Fresh, goon, Gorilla Tab, Green Tea, Happy Sticks, Hinkley, Hog, Horse Tracks, Juice, Kaps, Kools, Leaky Bollow, Little Ones, Mad Dog, Magic, Magic Dust, Mint Leaf, Monkey dust, Orange Crystal, Peep, Pig Killer, Pit, Puffy, Purple Rain, Rocket Fuel, Sheets, Shermans, STP, Surfer, TAC, Taking a Cruise, Tic Tac, Wack, Wolf, Worm, Wet, Zombie Weed


Anadrol, Deca, Dep, Juice, Maxibolin, Parabolin, Sauce

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