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Clinical Philosophy

Our program is different than a traditional 12-step treatment program. We provide an integrated system of care that utilizes best clinical and medical practices, comprehensive patient measurement and engagement tools, and systems that ensure each individual receives a complete, individualized course of treatment. Because we see addiction as a multi-faceted disease that impacts different domains of an individual’s well-being, we offer variety of behavioral therapies, physician-based care, and Medication Assisted Treatment when clinically indicated.  This combination is more effective than any single approach.

As we work with individuals in the process of recovery, we keep in mind the ultimate goal is not abstinence. In fact, abstinence is only the first step to stabilize the brain and start the process of healing. Once stabilized, we help the individual work toward the goal of preventing relapse.

Turning Point Center’s culture is one of compassionate service and respect for each individual’s life. Our treatment interventions are systemic and holistic, addressing the multiple needs of each individual and their family. We address addiction along with other associated issues including mental health symptoms, medical complications, social challenges, vocational needs and legal issues.


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