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More on Drinking Blackouts: Effects of Alcohol

Among the many effects of alcohol — or too much alcohol — can be blackouts. How does that happen? According to the Washington Post: “Alcohol impairs memory formation, but not in a simple or easily anticipated way, researchers say. There’s no clear cutoff point at which memory will be suppressed. David J. Nutt, a psychiatrist […]


Binge Drinking and Blackouts: Sobering Truths About Lost Learning for College Students

By Jamie Smolen, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Florida Tens of thousands of college students nationwide will cheer for their football teams this weekend. Some of those who show up for the game after tailgate drinking may not remember the highlight touchdowns that they cheered so loudly for. Others may have trouble remembering even a […]


Do Women Who Drink Alcohol Eat More?

Do Women Who Drink Alcohol Eat More? Many of us made New Year’s Resolutions not that long ago to eat less, exercise more, and get healthier.  How are you measuring up?  Recent studies indicate that alcohol may be getting in the way of your goals, especially if you are female.  That is to say, the […]


Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving According to the US Department of Transportation, every two hours, 3 people are killed in highway crashes due to drunk driving. The consequences of drunk driving include: arrests, property damage, injuries, and thousands of deaths each year. A recent report published by the Bureau of Transportation indicates that, “an estimated 4 million U.S. […]

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