outpatient09How outpatient drug rehab is different

Both in-patient and outpatient drug rehab programs are most often beneficial in overcoming addiction. However, many people want to pursue recovery without living in a facility. When comparing outpatient and inpatient drug treatment, it’s pretty easy to discern that the costs of inpatient treatment can be high and the services are more time consuming. However, if inpatient treatment is what is needed then those things shouldn’t deter someone from pursuing the right type of therapy for them.
For these and other reasons, many individuals choose to participate in outpatient therapy. One of the main advantages of outpatient therapy is that clients can apply new knowledge immediately in their home environment. Also, after a program ends, they may have more time to take on additional responsibilities in their lives. Other than that, there is minimal readjustment.
On the other hand, individuals who return home after a residential program have a lot of changes to make quickly in order to maintain their recovery. They will have to reschedule their days to practice healthy habits and avoid previously negative habits. Often, to ease the transition from inpatient rehab back to the home environment, an outpatient treatment can be helpful. It is common for individuals to attend an outpatient program following successful completion of inpatient rehab in order to facilitate an easier transition back to the home setting.
If an individual is wondering if outpatient drug rehab is a good fit for their needs, they may want to ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Does daily stress or other influences cause temptations that threaten one’s success in outpatient drug rehab? In other words, does the patient feel they can be successful without constant care?
  2. Has the patient tried and failed to complete outpatient drug rehab before?
  3. Is the patient experiencing a physical addiction to drugs and/or alcohol that would require entrance into a detoxification program?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions may indicate that inpatient drug rehab would be more useful. All individuals struggling with addictions who feel that rehab would be helpful for them should consider which type (inpatient or outpatient) of rehab would be most help. It may also be helpful for individuals to consult family members, physicians, or friends in determining if outpatient drug rehab is best for them.

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