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flakkapartydrugThe Latest Party Drug: Flakka

A new party drug, flakka, is now circulating the United States. This synthetic drug, which comes in a crystal form, is a mix of cathinoes and other stimulants and is frequently compared to other party drugs like Molly or Ecstasy. Flakka has very dangerous effects and has been nicknamed the ‘insanity drug’ for its wild effects on users.

Flakka users ingest the drug in various ways including: snorting, injecting and vaping it using e-cigarettes. Frighteningly, flakka acts as a stimulant and releases dopamine; which in turn, affects the reward center of the brain. This dopamine release causes major euphoria, which can manifest as euphoria, making the body overheat, inducing hypothermia. Following this series of events, certain muscles of the body can begin to disintegrate and the kidneys unable to filter certain proteins.

Physicians have asserted that flakka is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, perhaps even more addictive than crystal meth. This serious claim comes because users of flakka literally go insane after consuming the drug. For instance, in Florida, there have been reports of users running around the streets naked as well as users attacking innocent bystanders. Further, because the drug is so new, users don’t understand it’s dangers and overdoses are common. The best advice for flakka: if you are addicted, seek help immediately. If not, stay far away from this perilous drug.