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Juuling and Teens

With the rise of vaping among teenagers and the concern of addiction at such a young vulnerable age, another vice has presented itself to the teenage market: juuling.  Juuling is a lot like vaping in that it’s like an e-cigarette with a pleasant odor and minimal amounts of vapor.  Fun flavors, such as fruity flavors or bubblegum flavors, are available and are especially enticing to younger individuals.  A major cause for concern, however, is the amount of nicotine the juuling devices contain and the way the substance is packaged.

For instance, among high school and college students, the use of juuling is very much on the rise.  This is due in part to the fact that students can hide the device used in the process very easily since it looks very much like a flash drive.  In fact, the device is plugged in to a USB port to charge.  So, in essence, teachers and others are struggling to identify if kids are using the products.  Further complicating the issue is that the exhaled vapor cloud is very easily hidden in a shirt sleeve.  Some campuses have banned flash drives in a effort to stop the use of the devices.

Also, the amount of nicotine in a device used for gulling is about equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes.  With teenage brains still in the development process, the amount of nicotine inhaled creates a haven for addiction.  Most kids find they don’t even feel the effects of a single juuling session after not too long and need to do juuling more and more often. Marketers indicate they are not targeting teens, but the devices are definitely appealing to that age range.

More education about the dangers of vaping, smoking, and juuling needs to be presented to the teens and young people in our schools.  Hopefully this type of prevention education, along with parent and teacher awareness, can put an end to juuling among teens.