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Holiday Stress & Relapse

The holidays always seem so fun and exciting when they are aways off. But sometimes when the days of holiday events get closer, we find ourselves feeling more and more stressed about the things we need to do, bring, wear, say, etc. Sometimes its just stressful getting it all done. For some people its a fun time filled with family and gifts, good food and fun activities. However, as we get older and get more responsibilities, and as the holidays get closer, the holidays can trigger both good and bad forms of stress and emotions. Some people cope with stress by turning to food and indulging so much they may gain weight during the holidays. Others may turn to increased alcohol consumption or drug abuse to handle the burdens they feel are placed on them. Stress is also one of the leading causes of alcohol and/or drug relapse. In fact, whether it’s due to increased stress or parties, alcohol and drug use are often intensified during the holidays, especially on Christmas and New Year’s.

Below are ten preventative things from to prevent relapse during the holidays or during any stressful time.:

Create a Plan

Ask a Sober Friend to be On-Call

Bring a Non-Drinking Holiday Buddy With You

Bring Your Own Drinks

Decide on a Response

Be Smart About Which Events to Attend

Remember There Are Other Ways to Celebrate

Stay Active

Limit Your Time Around Triggers

Tell Those You Trust That You’re in Recovery

Finding outlets for stress can be vital to surviving the holidays without drug or alcohol abuse. Most importantly, if individuals feel overwhelmed, they should ask for help. Taking the time to connect with other people who are willing to offer support can lessen stress during the holidays.