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Employment after Rehab

After rehab, many individuals are concerned about finding employment. They worry about the time they’ve been out of the work force due to inpatient rehab. They may feel concerned about whether or not to disclose past substance abuse and stress about future employers discriminating due to substance abuse.

Rest assured, however. Studies show that more than 23 million adults – 10 percent of the U.S. population – consider themselves to be in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Noting this fact, consider that many individuals go on to lead successful lives and work in careers they enjoy and find success in following rehab. Further, many companies are open minded about hiring candidates with previous drug or alcohol issues.

As long as one can stay in healthy recovery and sobriety, they don’t need to worry about reaching professional goals and becoming a loyal strong employee. Continuing self care in recovery will ensure that the job or career thats desired will be well within reach.

Developing a strong resume and developing a plan for an ideal, desired job is key. Asking questions of oneself about the things they liked and didn’t like about previous employment and employers can help give direction. Also, being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses and skills can provide insight to future employers as well.

It’s also crucial to picking jobs that don’t have triggers to avoid relapse. After rehab, many find that structures jobs, similar to rehab are better fulfilled than laid back structureless jobs. Further, starting small and not taking on to much is a good idea after rehab.

Remembering the positive growth from rehab along with the bright future ahead can help individuals find employment after rehab.