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What are opiates? When asked this questions most of us think of poppy flowers, poppy seeds, Asia, or more recently, the drug heroin.  In researching what opiates really are, I came across an article written for teens describing them.  It was basic, very informative, and helped my understanding expand.  It was on the site http://teens.drugabuse.gov.  […]


Bipolar Symptoms

Living with someone with bipolar symptoms? Much has been said on this blog about drug addictions, mental illness, symptoms and treatments.  However, sometimes we leave out the part about the people who help, care for, and love those struggling with these issues.  That is to say, for most people who struggle with a chemical dependency […]


National Prevention Week

This week is National Prevention Week, a new SAMHSA-supported annual health observance that celebrates the work that community organizations and individuals do year-round to help prevent substance abuse and promote mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. This year’s theme is “We are the ones. How are you taking action?” If you need some suggestions, here are […]


Anxiety Treatment

  Anxiety Treatments: Alternative or Prescription? Anxiety disorders are treatable, and the vast majority of people with an anxiety disorder can be helped with professional care.  However, success of treatment varies. Some may respond to treatment after a few weeks or months, while others may need more than a year. Anxiety treatment may be complicated […]


Effects of Depression

What are some Depression Effects? Most of us have either experienced depression or have been affected by someone else who is struggling with it.  We know it’s lonely and hard for the person experiencing it as well as for those impacted by the depression.  It’s also somewhat common knowledge that being depressed wears out certain […]

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Eating Disorders Statistics

Eating disorders statistics:  Stereotypical or surprising? Everyone’s heard a lot about eating disorders statistics and many of us think we can picture the girl who struggles with this difficult addiction.  She’s tiny, almost frail-like, pretty though, probably Caucasian, social – she even makes us feel jealous because she’s so cute…right?  WRONG!!  Believe it or not, […]

National Accreditation

Turning Point Centers has been awarded the Gold Seal of Accreditation by the highest governing body in the behavioral healthcare field. The Joint Commission is a non-profit accreditation firm that audits healthcare organizations that are dedicated to providing the highest quality addiction treatment and mental health standards. This is not a status many facilities carry […]

Licensed Vivitrol Provider

Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine used: To prevent relapse to opioid dependence, after opioid detox To treat alcohol dependence (alcoholism) To be effective, VIVITROL must be used along with recovery programs, such as counseling. For more information, visit Vivitrol.com.

CLIA Certified

Turning Point Centers is CLIA Certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). We use 12-panel drug tests that can determine specific drug levels. We also determine alcohol within the past 3 days. This type of testing in the residential setting is above national standards for inpatient treatment facilities. This license is regulated through the Utah Department of Health, Bureau […]

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