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Amphetamines: What are they?

We’ve heard the term amphetamine but what exactly does it mean? The answer is amphetamines are stimulants that speed up the messages traveling between the brain and the body. There are legally prescribed amphetamines for things such as ADD and ADHD as well as for narcolepsy. There are also illegal amphetamines which were one of the top 10 most abused illegal drugs in the United States in 2017. These are produced and sold illegally.

Prescription amphetamines are most often in tablet or capsule form. However, the drug can also come in the form of a powder and crystals. When amphetamines are sold illegally, they might be packaged in foil, plastic bags, or even in small balloons. Powder forms of amphetamine may be white or can even be brown in color. The powder has a strong smell and taste. They may contain traces of grey or pink as well.

Street names for amphetamines include: speed, whiz, fast, up, louee, uppers, and goey. Amphetamines are generally swallowed, injected snorted, or smoked.

Effects of amphetamines include: extra happiness and confidence, being more talkative and having more energy, feeling itchy and scratchy, enlarged pupils, dry mouth, increased heart rate, reduced appetite, excessive sweating, teeth grinding, and increased sex drive among others.

Long term effects of abusing amphetamines include: breathing trouble, dizziness, convulsions, extreme fatigue, mode changes, psychosis, mental disorders, behavior disorders, skin disorders, tics, ulcers