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5 Things to Avoid During Drug Rehab5 Things to Avoid During Drug Rehab
Overcoming addictions can be a long-term process that may include both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Although having a good attitude and being willing to change are key factors in drug rehab success, there are also thing that play a key role in the outcome of drug rehab. Among these things there are things and behaviors to avoid. Below are 5 things to steer clear of to have a more successful drug rehab experience:
1. Stress
Many individuals use drugs or alcohol as a way to handle daily stressful situations. If you can’t find a way to cope with stress without drugs or alcohol, the feeling of needing these things to cope will surely return. Learning how to behave when warning signs of stress and relapse appear is important. Concerns about stress and hope to handle it should be discussed often and openly in drug rehab.
2. Non-certified drug rehab programs
When you start looking for drug and alcohol treatment, focus on what is truly important: quality of care during the rehab program, appropriate licensing, follow up services and staff credentials.
3. Poor diet
If your goal is to build a successful sober life, it is important to make changes to what you eat. The food we eat plays an important role in our life, affecting us both physically and mentally. Avoiding fried foods, foods with sugar, or foods that come pre-packaged is best. Also, eat nutritionally balanced from all food groups.
4. Negativity
Negative thoughts leading to depression can affect drug rehab in a bad way. Being very mindfulness of your thoughts and mental moods can help with personal goals and aid in perceiving life situations more objectively. It takes time to get away from old thought patterns but striving to do so will bring more success in rehab.
5. Unhelpful triggers.
During drug rehab- especially inpatient rehab- it will be easier to avoid places, people, or activities that trigger the cravings for doing drugs and/or drinking alcohol. Selecting a drug rehab facility which is physically far from your previous unhealthy lifestyle can help to avoid triggers. It is also important to stop communication with friends who are still abusing drugs/alcohol.

source: Addictionblog.org