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Sober Living Home – 7 Things to Look For

Choosing a sober living facility isn’t easy (no big secret there).

You want the best help possible, but in an environment that matches who you are.

Below are 7 things to think about when choosing a sober living home for yourself or a loved one, as well as a list of 40+ sober living home options along with website links.

How to choose a sober living home

1: Is there a Gold Seal Accreditation?
First, look for a facility that has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission — such as Turning Point Centers (the website you’re visiting right now).

The Joint Commission is backed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( and guarantees that a certain standard is in place.

2: What’s the 12-step philosophy?
Treatment programs fall into two broad categories: Traditional 12-step (AA, NA, CA, Al-Anon) or non 12-step (more individualized approach). Turning Point Centers is a non 12 step based rehab.

You should choose the philosophy that matches who you are.

3: Strong staff and support team
A solid support system is crucial for anyone in recovery. When evaluating a sober living support team, it’s important to find a staff that truly cares about you and your success.

But you also want a staff that’s unafraid to lay down the law.

4: Aesthetic choices
You don’t need to stay at a luxury hotel, but keep in mind you or your loved one must actually live in the facility you choose.

So the facility should be clean, well-maintained and overall give off clear positive vibes (view gallery of Turning Point Centers sober living options).

Those who have jobs might need facilities that are close to their workplaces.

5: Rules and accountability
It’s important to find a sober living home that implements more than just a daily routine.

It should also implement rules and regulations, such as curfews and a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.

You want to find a house that supervises you and holds you accountable.

Ask around and find out which sober living houses have a good reputation and which ones aren’t so good.

Why would you want to move into a sober living house that won’t prepare you for the structure of life and keep you accountable in your young sobriety?

6: Does your insurance cover the cost of your sober living home?
You want to make sure the facility you choose is a preferred, in-network provider with your insurance provider.

If you aren’t sure, the facility, itself, should be able to verify your benefits.

7: Safety
The last thing you want to stress about is whether your sober living situation is going to jeopardize your physical safety.

Check out the people currently living in a sober living facility.

The neighborhood where the sober living house is located is something to take into consideration, as well.

No one in recovery needs to be living in an area where there are people hitting up outside your front door.