The Search Is Over

“After years of searching for a successful treatment plan for my addictions Turning Point Centers proved to be the ONLY one that gave me the tools I needed.  I can’t say enough about the genius of the program.  Thank you for helping me find my inner power again!”


“Turning Point Centers gave me the opportunity and tools to save my own life, thank you.”

Life Changing

“I can honestly say that Turning Point Centers has been a life changing experience.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with my recovery as it is now and I have all of you guys to thank.  Thanks for everything!”

Loved It Here

“Loved it here.  Thanks for all the strong support and caring.  Love Turning Point Centers…it will always be in my heart!”


“Turning Point Centers saved my life! I finally have hope again that I can have a happy and healthy life.”


“All the staff at Turning Point Centers are amazing.  They were so helpful, respectful and caring.”

Broken No More

“I came into Turning Point Centers so broken.  All I knew was that I had a problem, I suffered from severe anxiety and depression.  From day 1 just learning about what happens physically through recovery set me on a path where I have re-learned to have hope and the courage to take on my life!  I love this program and will recommend it to anyone!  Thank you Turning Point Centers!!”


Turning Point is an amazing recovery center!  The therapists, staff and owners are all great people and are fully committed to the recovery of the clients.  I can honestly say Turning Point has changed my life!


I am alive today because of Turning Point Centers. Events happen in our lives for a reason, some for good, some for bad. I hit rock bottom for a reason, I had a mediocre life for 35-40 years and the universe knew that there was more in store for me. Living for other people and trying to make those around me happy and perfect, at my own expense was killing me little by little.

I knew I would not live much longer because of my severe depression and substance abuse. Turning Point Centers was the only thing I could think of. How did I know Turning Point Centers works, I sent my daughter through the program 3 months before I entered TP. The day she left treatment she said, “I finally love myself.”

My therapist understood me. All of the therapists are so good at what they do. The staff personally cares about every client. It’s very much like a big family.

Thanks for helping me find me!


Rossi C

“It’s the best program I could have come to.”

Nicole D

“Turning Point Centers was the best experience for me. I got to learn so many qualities that I thought I never had. The staff got to my core issues and helped me out in anyway necessary. They changed my life and now I’m a much happier person! Thank you!”

Richard G

“Turning Point Centers gave me the tools that I needed to overcome my addiction and become the person I once was!”

Emma C

“Now currently taking classes at Westminster, I can reflect and say that Turning Point Centers gave me the chance to turn my life around and be the person I could be.”

Paul L

“After fighting a losing battle with addictions most of my life, I finally feel capable of living a drug and alcohol free life because of the expertise and caring staff. They have taught me the tools necessary for a happy and full life.”

Paulette K

“Turning Point Centers saved my life! I was on a path of destruction with no end in sight. The staff and clients became my extended family and the facility became my home.”

Chris L

“Great staff! There is not one person that doesn’t care about your future life! I feel so good about going through Turning Point Centers. Thank you everybody!”

Will H

“I thought this program was fantastic, I’m really glad I chose Turning Point Centers. The program was awesome and the staff are fantastic!”

Tyson A

“Turning Point Centers helped me in so many ways. They helped me to see who I really am. With the small groups and personal attention you really get the time you deserve…it’s a great place! Thanks Turning Point Centers.”

Ida R

“I’ve struggled with alcoholism for 20+ years & been frustrated with previous treatments. The individual attention, professional counseling & genuine caring at Turning Point Centers has given me renewed hope & a strong motivation towards sobriety! Thank you!”

Jaman D

“Turning Point Centers has the ability to assist us in understanding who we are & why we’re addicted better than any other facility I’m aware of. They have a great staff & a top notch program that will give you every opportunity for success!”

Carrie B

“Turning Point Centers helped me to rediscover my purpose in life and get back on track.”

Preston P

“I would recommend Turning Point Centers to anyone looking to better themselves both physically and mentally. It has given me a new lease on life and I’m now more excited than ever to get out there and enjoy everything life has to offer. I’m healthy, sober and content with myself, thanks Turning Point Centers!”

Scott S

“Turning Point Centers gave me the most growth in life that I’ve ever experienced. They taught me to find ‘me’ and bring it out.”

Erica R

“Turning Point Centers changed my life! The staff and the clients helped me recognize and accept things that I had previously refused to see. It was a home away from home and for the first time I finally felt like I could be myself.”

Shannon S

“I believe in Turning Point Centers. It has given me hope and with that, my life back.”

John M

“This place is awesome! The way they taught me to deal with life is perfect for my personality. Turning Point Centers saved my life…thank you!”

Blake F

“Some treatment facilities are like boot camp. Turning Point Centers was different, it allowed me to be open with real life issues and learn how to work through them. I would highly recommend Turning Point Centers to anyone!”

Cynthia C

“Powerful!  Turning Point Centers helped me heal from the inside out.  I was given intensive, professional care at a level of optimal physical, emotional and mental recovery.  I enjoyed how they focused on healing the person and not the substance abuse…thank you Turning Point Centers!”

Chris M

“Turning Point Centers was not just a place to quite drinking and using…it was an experience during which I was encouraged to learn, grow and heal!”

Chad L

“My time here at Turning Point Centers was a blessing and was very valuable to my well-being. I would recommend this program to those who are searching for freedom from addiction…it has changed my life. I feel like a new man!”

Robert C

“Thank you all so very much for your kindness and patience with my demanding ways. You opened up a new life for me and I love you all for that!”

Jerred N

“The outpatient program at Turning Point Centers was the best and most positive experience I could have asked for!”

Jake K

“Turning Point Centers was an awesome learning experience. They helped me to change my thinking and outlook on why I was using drugs to numb my emotional pain!”

Ryan B

“Turning Point Centers gave me a new lease on life! They helped me realize that life is so worth living sober and truthfully. They also made me realize I’m worth it…thank you so much Turning Point Centers!!”

Christian A

“My life was full of hate, depression and addiction. At Turning Point Centers I harvested love, joy and forgiveness. I learned self love, self acceptance, tolerance and increased self esteem. Turning Point Centers was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family! Thank you!!!” – Christian A

Jan H

“I came to Turning Point Centers as a depressed alcoholic person with little hope of recovery even though a part of me wanted help. The center’s therapies offered are diverse, the environment is pleasant and comfortable and the activities were great. It all made the center feel balanced which helped me to expand my hope for sobriety. It is a place for all who are addicted to heal!”

Jari B

“I have battled with addiction for 22 years. Turning Point Centers gave me the therapy and coping skills to go out and meet the challenges of life head on! The facility is staffed and designed to address each client’s specific needs and for me that was critical in choosing a center!”


“What a wonderful facility! The staff at Turning Point Centers are all very caring and give their all to help people in need of a life makeover. I value everyday I spent here!”


“Turning Point Centers has giving me my life back and gave me the answers to so many questions!”

Chris S.

“My greatest experience…my Godsend!”

Jake B

“Turning Point Centers has definitely been a ‘turning point’ in my life. It has changed me to the core!”

Kevin G

“I truly feel like the love, knowledge and support shown here at Turning Point Centers is second to none!”

Michael H

“Turning Point Centers has been instrumental in the turnabout of my life. I am eternally grateful!”

Kevin M

“This place is just awesome! Every part of it. I will never forget the people and the experiences. Thank you so much for everything!”

Chance R

“Turning Point Centers stuck with me through highs and lows and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I can’t express how grateful I am for everything Turning Point Centers has done, they saved my life!”

Michael H

“Thank you SO much for everything. My life has changed monumentally since entering Turning Point Centers. The staff is exceptionally skilled in facilitating the recovery process. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life…you guys are awesome!”

Kristina S

“I was at my lowest point in my life and thought sobriety would never become a part of my life. Turning Point Centers showed me how to find happiness in myself again and gave me the tools to live a sober life. I owe my life to to Turning Point Centers! They gave me a second chance at life!!!”

Amy M

“I came to Turning Point Centers as a skeptic. I didn’t believe in the process. With the process I learned new tools and changed my outlook on life. I now have a new attitude and live and appreciate day by day. The staff really broke down my walls and it feels amazing!”

Tom M

“Turning Point Centers was just that…it was a turning point in my life! Thank you!”

Jimmy H

“If you ever feel like giving up call Turning Point Centers! Their staff never give up and you will learn why you don’t ever want to give up!”

Jason H

“This experience has really changed my life and I am grateful for everyone involved. I have been in my addiction for 20 years. Now I have the tools to personally want and stay sober!”

Michael J

“The staff at Turning Point Centers manage to make you feel like a member of a family as opposed to a client. Their support and wisdom have given me something I never thought I could have…a quarter of a year of sobriety and peace!