Graduation and Underage Drinking

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Graduation and Underage Drinking With prom and graduation season upon us, many law enforcement groups are collaborating to advise teens and their parents on a very simple and straightforward message: “Underage drinking is illegal and it will not be tolerated.” Many store owners display signs warning teens or their parents of the consequences of getting caught drinking while underage. Law enforcement hopes this deters individuals from doing so. While many think teenagers are solely to blame for underage...

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Alcohol Abuse and Underage Drinking in Utah

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Did you know that underage drinking and alcohol abuse in Utah cost the state more than $357 million dollars in 2010?  It’s crazy to think about, but when you add youth injury, alcohol treatment, violence and traffic crashes, the numbers start to add up. According to a recent report by the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center, there are approximately 60,000 underage drinkers consuming alcohol in Utah each year!  And, in 2009, underage drinkers consumed 5.5 percent of the alcohol in the state, which...

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