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Addictions defined: The American Psychological Association defines addiction as, “…a condition in which the body must have a drug to avoid physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Addiction’s first stage is dependence, during which the search for a drug dominates an individual’s life. An addict eventually develops tolerance, which forces the person to consume larger and larger doses of the drug to get the same effect.” ( However, addictions—long thought to be solely drug related (an...

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Drug Addiction Trends in Utah County

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Utah County has some of the lowest rates of substance abuse in the state of Utah and nationally, however, there is still a significant problem.  Methamphetamine addiction is still the most reported primary drug of abuse at admissions and most are for women.  Within the past 5 years, there has been a rise, DOUBLE, for heroin addiction admissions.  Marijuana addiction is still the largest reason for treatment admissions for Utah County youth. Source:  Utah County Health...

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