Officers in Utah seize possible Krokodil “Zombie” drug

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Officers in Utah seize possible Krokodil “Zombie” drug A recent Utah Weber/Morgan Narcotic strike force drug bust found almost 20 pounds of methamphetamine and the “zombie drug” also known as “krokodil” in a man’s home in West Valley City. Although the substance believed to be krokodil has not officially been proven as such, if it is in fact the “zombie drug,” it will be of “great concern that such a large supply is available right here in Utah” according to Utah agencies. Officials first...

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Krokodil and 2C-P

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2 new street drugs to watch: Krokodil and 2C-P. New drugs are always emerging on the street and two of these are alarming both law enforcements and health care experts: krokodil and 2C-P.  Drug users are often inventive and these two substances are proving to be especially dangerous. Originally confined to Russia, krokodil cases have recently been reported in the United States and other countries.  Krokodil is a cheap form of cocaine that is mixed with gasoline, oil, alcohol or paint thinner and is injected...

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