What Exactly is Heroin?

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What Exactly is Heroin? Heroin is a highly addictive, illegal drug processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed-pod of poppy plants that predominantly grow in South America and, to a lesser extent, from Southeast Asia. In its purest form, heroin is a fine white powder. It most often sold as a white, pink, or brownish powder that has been “cut.” “Cut” means something was used to dilute the heroin, namely sugar, powdered milk, quinine caffeine or other substances. Street...

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Today’s Heroin

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Today’s Heroin The face of today’s heroin users may not be what many of us think of. Most of us are likely to think of heroin addicts or users and criminals or someone who lurks in back alleys. Today’s heroin users, however, are our friends and neighbors, our co-workers and church congregation members. Sadly, drug use became more prevalent among children in the last few decades. Some children smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol when still very young. Today children are exposed to and participating in these...

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Is Carfentanil to Blame for Record High Heroin Overdoses?

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Is Carfentanil to Blame for Record High Heroin Overdoses? In Cincinnati, a terrifying heroin overdose crisis is underway. In a city where 4 overdoses a day are typical, last Tuesday and Wednesday saw 78 overdoses and there were an estimated 174 overdose cases in local emergency rooms in less than 1 week. Close by, New Jersey saw 29 heroin overdoses between Tuesday and Thursday in Camden on free samples of heroin marketed with a Batman stamp, in Indiana, 13 people overdosed Tuesday in Jennings County, about 60...

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Rise in Heroin overdoses in the US

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Rise in Heroin overdoses in the US Recently, much attention has been focused on the rise in heroin related deaths in the United States. A US Federal Health report published this past fall indicates that heroin overdoses doubled from 2010 to 2012. This reports contained data collected from 28 states, accounting for 56% of the US population. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the large increase in heroin-related deaths is directly tied to the epidemic of narcotic painkiller abuse. Dr....

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