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Turning Point Centers Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is committed, designed and dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a safe and nurturing Utah environment, using the most revolutionary approaches known today. All individuals who enter into the refuge of our drug and alcohol rehab program will receive highly effective treatment. They will learn tools that can be used independently throughout their lives. They will forever be healed from the inside out while gaining a new understanding and appreciation of themselves and of life. After leaving Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab, the client will be able to experience the grace of a life free from drug addiction.

The purpose and outcome of our exciting and unique Utah drug rehab program is for our clients to live above and beyond the drug addictions and beliefs that brought them to drug rehab.

“It is our sincere belief that the healing of addictions is a sacred journey that is to be given the deepest reverence and respect ”

Our clients are guided and supported by our highly trained, expert and caring staff that is qualified in dealing with addictions along with dual diagnosis. Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab works with each client on an individual basis while utilizing unique, gentle and highly effective groups, education classes and experiential exercises. These techniques gently, yet radically, challenge their distorted thoughts and beliefs and assist them in seeing who and they really are beyond their limiting beliefs and drug addictions.

Self Suffering Comes to a Close:

At Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab Center, we have put together a unique reality-based treatment approach utilizing Cognitive Therapy along with other highly effective tools. Our personal experience, along with the experience of others, has shown that the addictions, depressions and pains in our lives are not the cause of our deepest suffering; rather, it is our beliefs about what is happening that is truly creating our pain. This approach to healing is proving repeatedly to be extremely effective in the treatment of drug addictions and in the long term of relapse prevention.

At Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab Center, our philosophy is to equally honor, recognize and value the importance of supporting the client’s family and loved ones. Throughout each stage of the healing process we are dedicated to providing caring support, continued education and the tools necessary to assist the family and loved ones in their own process, thus honoring and recognizing their value and importance in recovery.

It is our sincere belief that the healing of addictions is a sacred journey that is to be given the deepest reverence and respect. Our addictions are not evidence that we are defective; rather, they are powerful forces that have come into our lives for any number of reasons. Entering Turning Point Centers shows clients are ready to deeply heal and reconnect to who they really are and return to the fullness of the life they deserve to live.

It is our honor to assist on this journey to wholeness.


“Some treatment facilities are like boot camp. Turning Point Centers was different, it allowed me to be open with real life issues and learn how to work through them. I would highly recommend Turning Point Centers to anyone!”

Blake F