Personalized TreatmentBecause of the exclusivity of Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab Center, each client’s treatment needs are uniquely addressed through individualized attention and care in a sophisticated retreat-based healing environment. Turning Point Centers has access to many natural mind-settling amenities such as those found in our mountainous backyard. Our scenic backdrop, the Wasatch Mountains, provides a quiet escape from city life. It hosts relaxing getaways, sightseeing and outdoor sports a plenty. These little touches can aid the individuals’ journey at seeking a way out of the addiction cycle by realizing the beauty of life amidst the scenic surroundings.Our caring professional staff of Doctors, Licensed Professional Therapists and Educators are deeply committed to providing the highest quality of care in a safe and nurturing environment, using the most revolutionary approaches known today. All individuals who enter our Utah drug rehab program receive treatment that is specifically designed to fit their unique needs in a way that best serves their recovery.More personalized one-on-one care, smaller therapy and education groups combined with an uncompromising dedication to healing are precisely what make Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab Center the choice for experiencing the change of a lifetime. Our unique Utah drug rehab program has shown a high success rate of getting our enrollees clean by supplying a wealth of support base for all. Turning Point Centers Drug Rehab Center is also very up to date with all of the cutting edge research on addiction medicine and clinical studies.

It is our sincere belief that the healing of alcoholismcocaine addictionheroin addictionmarijuana addiction,meth addictionsteroids addictionoxycodone addiction and all other addictions is a sacred journey that is to be given the deepest of reverence and respect…thus it is our honor to assist on this journey back to wholeness. 

  • Morning “meditation” walks
  • Daily physical education
  • Individualized therapy
  • Strong Family Therapeutic Component
  • Creative art therapy
  • Access to a deluxe, fully appointed gym/spa
  • Free continuing care
  • Supportive transitional living
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Interventions
    …and so much more!