New Teen Drug: Triple C

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New Teen Drug: Triple C Many teens no longer turn to the shady school dealer for their highs these days. In fact, most just reach inside the medicine cabinet. Across the country, kids are taking dangerous handfuls of cold medicines known to them as “triple C.” Cold, cough and congestion medications that are based on dextromethorphan, such as Coricidin are the new drug of choice for teens. The dangerous part is that they can find them at any grocery store or even in your home medicine cabinet – without...

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Warning signs of drug or alcohol use

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Warning signs If you’ve noticed any of the signals related to drug abuse listed below, you may want to press your teen further and ask some important questions like: “Have you been offered drugs?” If yes, “What did you do?” or “Have you been drinking or using drugs?” Even though no parent wants to hear a “yes” response to any of these questions, be ready for it. Don’t be afraid to err on the side of caution. Ask the difficult questions and decide, in advance, how you’ll respond to a...

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“N-bomb” or “Smiles”

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“N-bomb” or “Smiles” drug not bringing happiness to users A new powerful designer drug called NBOMe “Smiles,” “N-bomb,” or “25i” is being marketed to teens and is gaining in popularity. It is being marketed as “legal LSD” – causing many teens to believe that it is safe. Recently in Massachusetts, police put out a warning after finding it in their city and last month, a woman was indicted in federal court after selling the drug to a teenager who overdosed. The mother of the teen discussed...

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