Addiction Recovery Success Story of Chris – Video

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Chris’s story is so powerful. Watch this video and hear his story. Turning Point Center saved him from a life of addiction.  

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Success Story – Marsha

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Marsha Stafford started her drinking career at the ripe old age of two. As the child of alcoholics they often gave her alcohol and thought it was funny to watch a drunk toddler. From the ages of 5 to 11, the family lived in a car at a park in Mesa, AZ, and instead of going to school, Marsha was taken to the “babysitter” every day—which was actually the town theater. When Marsha’s mother abandoned her at a trailer park at age 13, she was taken in by a neighbor family who were, themselves, alcoholics, but at...

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Recovery From Narcotics – Mark’s Story

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MARK’S STORY As the child of a narcotics addict, Mark Van Wagoner suffered with opiate addiction since the age of 19. While on the surface living a respectable life, his private life was crumbling and he literally faced death and prison a few times in his journey. His turn- ing point came when on the brink of losing everything—his wife, his children, his job, and possibly his life—he heard these words in a movie: “You gotta get busy living, or get busy dying.” He chose living and started down the...

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Overcoming Depression – Abbie’s Story

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OVERCOMING DEPRESSION – ABBIE’S STORY Sometimes when I look back at what I’ve been through in my life, I’m amazed that I’ve done as well as I have. Besides being sexually molested by my step-grandfather, my mother’s family totally turned on us when my sister and I told what he had been doing to us. That was hard on my parents. My dad started drinking again and my mother eventually became addicted to drugs. We lost our house, mom and dad split up, and my dad left us in a motel for nine months....

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