How outpatient drug rehab is different

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How outpatient drug rehab is different Both in-patient and outpatient drug rehab programs are most often beneficial in overcoming addiction. However, many people want to pursue recovery without living in a facility. When comparing outpatient and inpatient drug treatment, it’s pretty easy to discern that the costs of inpatient treatment can be high and the services are more time consuming. However, if inpatient treatment is what is needed then those things shouldn’t deter someone from pursuing the right type of...

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The Cost of Drugs vs. Rehab

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The Cost of Drugs vs. Rehab Many individuals that fight drug addictions who sincerely desire to break the addictive cycles they are entangled in feel that they cannot afford any type of rehab- inpatient or outpatient. However, when the cost of continuing drug abuse is examined, it is often found that rehab would actually be less expensive – especially in the long run. Not only is the cost of drug a financial burden, but it also carries with it a serious risk: what lengths would individuals go to in order to...

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Treatment for bipolar disorder

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Treatment for bipolar disorder There is no cure for bipolar disorder.  However, treatments are available and have proven to be very successful in most cases.  Good treatment helps people gain control of their mood swings and other related symptoms of bipolar.  Because bipolar disorder is recurrent and lifelong, people with bipolar disorder need life long treatment.  Both medication and psychotherapy are needed to reduce symptoms and prevent relapse. The following mood stabilizing medications are used to treat...

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“Relationships and Life after Residential” Clinic

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Click here for Clinic’s flier and details! We announced our first ever all-day, intense clinic designed for families and clients coming out of residential treatment.  Markus, our family therapist genius, is heading up the clinic.  I’m sure it will be very successful!  He’s going to discuss things like “what to watch for before a relapse happens,” “peer-to-peer communication,” “the dynamics of trust” and much more.  I’ve attached a copy of the...

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Intensive Outpatient

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The Turning Point Centers Intensive Outpatient program is potentially about to take a nice change.  We’re thinking about having the Family Therapy group on Thursdays.  That way the group won’t get split up and it won’t take away any time from the IOP clients.  The philosophy of the family therapy is very similar to that of the program and Markus runs a great family therapy group!  We’ll know this week what the plans...

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Sober Transitions

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Finally, after all these years, we’re moving forward with a “monitoring” program.  By the end of June we’re going to have our sober transitions program.  It’s going to be a great way to transition out of our intensive outpatient program into the “real world.”  With our core beliefs and the communication and counseling with the client for a full year the odds of the clients staying sober go through the roof…can’t wait to see this program take...

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