Common Street Drugs Part 2: Meth, Weed, Heroin

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Common Street Drugs Part 2: Meth, Weed, Heroin This part 2 follow up discusses 3 more dangerous street drugs that are commonly being used in the U.S. today. Although awareness about the dangers of drug abuse has grown considerably over the last few decades, the problem of addiction continues to exist and, in some cases, is on the increase. Meth, Heroin, and Marijuana are spoken about in the news often. With prescription painkiller addictions turning into street heroin addictions on the rise throughout the entire...

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Meth in Rural Utah

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Meth in Rural Utah Small towns in Utah have definitely seen more meth during the last few years. Just this week, reported that 3 men were arrested in Price after police say they found 135.9 grams of meth and nearly 16 grams of heroin in a car during a traffic stop. A recent documentary titled, “Aftermath of Meth” by Kathy Weiler examined how meth ruins small towns. The film points out how the unique attributes of the American West make it fertile ground for methamphetamine production and abuse. Weiler...

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Heroin in Mesa – Drug Rehab

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Heroin in Mesa Just last week, Mesa police arrested multiple people in separate incidents over the weekend suspected of using heroin and intending to sell the narcotic. While searching a man and woman’s vehicle, police found: a syringe, a small piece of plastic containing a gray chalky substance later identified as heroin, two glass pipes with burn residue consistent with methamphetamine use, a prescription bottle with various pills, several straws and spoons, and a liquid prescription bottle labeled methadone...

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Occasional Exercise Helps Reduce Meth Use

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New Study: Even Occasional Exercise Helps Reduce Meth Use Many studies related to both addiction and recovery have shown a correlation between exercise and improved recovery. However, past results of studies of this nature indicated that exercise must be regular and consistent to obtain significant recovery. A new study (11/2014) by the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) found that even brief workouts can reduce the risk of relapse in rats withdrawing from methamphetamine. The researchers concluded that even...

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Abstinence from Meth can Produce Recovery

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Good News: Abstinence from Meth can Produce Recovery in Brain Functions Recently, a study was conducted that indicates that it takes at least one year for brain functions to improve in meth users, but it is possible. These findings bring hope to recovering meth abusers and their families and help them understand that it can take a while for the user’s brain to regain impulse control. The study was conducted by Ruth Salo, a UC Davis assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and lead author of the...

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Meth Addiction can be Deadly

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Meth Addiction can be Deadly Many drugs are horribly addictive and have extremely adverse effects on their users.  However, meth addiction has been shown to be one of the most string addictions and has the most extreme effects.  Different from other drug abusers, meth addict’s symptoms are often easily recognizable from outward appearances.  Those struggling with meth addictions often have scarred and prematurely aging faces paired with extreme tooth decay that indicates the abuse.  If someone you love is...

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