Heart Conditions from Energy Drinks?

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Heart Conditions from Energy Drinks? Research shows that drinking energy drinks can lead to serious heart problems. The International Journal of Cardiology recently published results from a study that found that those who consume more than two energy drinks per day are more likely to experience heart problems,for instance, palpitations. The cardiology study examined data from patients in a South Australian emergency room between 2014 and 2015 who complained of heart issues. The research found that 36 percent of...

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Energy Drinks and Alcohol

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Energy drinks and alcohol Recently, studies have shown that combining energy drinks and alcohol can be more dangerous than just drinking alcohol alone – especially if the energy drink contains caffeine. Researchers at HealthDay say the recent findings suggest that it may even be appropriate to put warning labels on energy drinks saying they should not be mixed with alcohol. The mixing of energy drinks and alcohol has become trendy but few realize the serious risks. Results of a recent laboratory study appeared...

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