A Look at Rehab Costs

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A Look at Rehab Costs When facing an addiction, many individuals ask, “how much does drug and alcohol treatment cost?”  Research in this area shows that rehab costs vary depending on location, in-patient or outpatient treatment, length of treatment, and type of treatment.  For instance, rehabs.com reports that, “Addiction rehabilitation programs can range in price dramatically. The cost is dependent on a variety of things, such as whether the rehab is an inpatient or outpatient facility, if the program...

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Parental Drinking and Kids

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Parental drinking and kids Many wonder if parental drinking impacts adolescent drinking, although most assume it does.  It is not a question of “if” but a question of “how” and “how much?”  It has been proven that parental drinking does in fact influence adolescent drinking.  Most individuals begin drinking alcohol in adolescence: this is a time of initiation for alcohol use. Findings reported in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research indicate that parental drinking impacts both adolescent...

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Defining Sobriety

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Defining sobriety Although sobriety is often thought of being associated mainly with alcohol, it is a word used more commonly when discussing recovery from addiction. Sobriety means the moderation in or abstinence from consumption of alcoholic liquor or use of drugs. When an individual with an addiction problem enters drug rehabilitation, their main goal is to attain long-term sobriety. Drug-rehabs.org indicates that, “most often, sobriety is used to describe individuals who have achieved a certain amount of...

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Drug abuse, Recovery, and the Holidays

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Drug abuse, Recovery, and the Holidays Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is difficult regardless of what time of the year it is.  However, the holiday season poses extra challenges for most people in recovery.  There is high stress often associated with preparing for parties and social gatherings, family gatherings, buying gifts, and with being busier overall than the rest of the year.  Holidays are often an emotional time for people.  When addicts are emotional, there is extra risk involved and they must...

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Drug-Related Emergency Room Visits

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Segments of this post appeared on DrugAbuse.gov. According to a 2009 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) study, there were 4.6 million drug-related 24-hour emergency department (ED) visits in 2009.  According to the study, “Almost 50 percent were attributed to adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals taken as prescribed, and 45 percent involved drug abuse.” What’s more alarming is the fact that from 2004 to 2009, drug-related ED visits increased 81 percent, from 2.5 million to 4.6 million visits! The DAWN...

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Alcohol Abuse and Underage Drinking in Utah

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Did you know that underage drinking and alcohol abuse in Utah cost the state more than $357 million dollars in 2010?  It’s crazy to think about, but when you add youth injury, alcohol treatment, violence and traffic crashes, the numbers start to add up. According to a recent report by the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center, there are approximately 60,000 underage drinkers consuming alcohol in Utah each year!  And, in 2009, underage drinkers consumed 5.5 percent of the alcohol in the state, which...

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