Why we’re different from other drug rehab centers.

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People sometimes ask us what makes Turning Point Centers different from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities.  Yes, we’re a dual-diagnosis treatment facility.  Yes, we’re a licensed vivitrol injection facility.  But, that’s not what sets us apart. What does set us apart is the fact that many on our staff previously suffered from drug and alcohol addiction and were treated at Turning Point Centers.  But what’s most important is that they believed in the Turning Point...

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Byron Katie compared to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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In the new revised 5th Edition of A Headache in the Pelvis (pgs. 326 – 330) which came out in May 2008, Stanford Psychologist David Wise, Pd.D. and Neurologist Rodney Anderson, M.D. refer to Alber Ellis’ Rational-Emotive Therapy and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and write:  “The best form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in our opinion, is offered in The Work of Byron Katie, who provides an approach to disarming catastrophic thinking by means of a process that one can do...

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How Does Cognitive Therapy Work?

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A lot of people understand Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (once explained) but most potential clients ask “how do you do it in treatment?”  Here’s a little on some of the efforts made in treatment;  Cognitive Therapy talks about triggers; clients talk about feelings and thinking that leads to involvement in destructive behaviors like drug and alcohol addiction.  It also goes beyond talking.  Any good center that utilizes it will give strong educational homework like assignments that are given...

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Sober Living House for Men

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Great news today…Makin Homes, LLC announced that they ARE keeping their sober living home for men.  One of our clients went there and loved it…he said it’s a beautiful home.  What he liked most about it was how professional the staff are…he said they really hold their boundaries.  I can’t wait to go check it out.

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We Love Cognitive Therapy!!

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And yet another report showing why Cognitive Therapy works…I was reading this today from the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists.  It fits the mold we love so much! “CBT is based on the Cognitive Model of Emotional Response.  It is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations and events.”  Check this next statement out…”The benefit of this fact is that we can change the way we think to...

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