Suicide Warning Tool: Is path warm?

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Suicide Warning Tool: Is path warm? People sometimes contemplate suicide because of overwhelming things in their life, depression, loss, or for many other reasons. But being aware of some signs and symptoms can help to prevent suicide. Often, preventing a loved one from suicide can depend on the ability of individuals in their life to recognize distress and risky behaviors. Recently, the American Association of Suicidology developed a simple tool that is available for everyone to use to remember the warning signs...

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Talking About Depression

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Talking About Depression Unfortunately, depression seems to be lurking everywhere. It’s become more common among teens and the elderly and remains a problem for many adults. Talking to those you love about their depression can be difficult. Individuals may become defensive, angry, or even more depressed. The website gives guidelines concerning the discussion about depression. Most individuals want to help those they love to overcome or lessen their depression and the following ideas and suggestions...

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