Family Therapy is Important in Recovery

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Family Therapy is Important in Recovery Recovery from addiction often begins on an individual level but is most often improved when families get involved in strengthening and supporting the person in recovery. Addiction is referred to as a “family disease” because it impacts every member of the family in some way. Further, addiction can be triggered or perpetuated by family issues or contention as well. Thus, successful addiction recovery often involves family therapy to strengthen the individual in...

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Addiction is a Disease

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Sometimes people get frustrated and wonder why their loved ones can’t just stop using drugs? Why is addiction so powerful? Why would people not stop using substances that are hurting them physically and ruining so many aspects of their lives? It can be really difficult for friends and family to understand why these individuals continue to use drugs knowing the harmful effects. The simple reason it is so difficult for individuals struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol to stop using is that drug addiction...

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5 Important Questions About Prescription Drugs

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With prescription drug abuse on the rise in a huge way- especially opioid abuse — individuals are beginning to wonder if they should fill a prescription the doctor willingly gave them following surgery or of chronic pain. A recent article published by US News titled “5 Questions to ask your doctor before you fill that prescription” gives insight into questions that should be addressed and empowers patients to ensure that they need the medications prescribed to them. The questions from the article/slide show...

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Statistics Concerning Alcohol Consumption

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Statistics concerning Alcohol Consumption Below are some statistics about general trends of alcohol consumption in the United States as reported by NIAAA’s Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biometry How frequently did American adults (ages 18 and over) drink in the past year? (Source: Wave 2 NESARC, conducted by NIAAA’s Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biometry)   Percentage who drank:                                            Women          ...

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Top 10 Most Abused Drugs

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Top 10 most abused drugs Recent statistics show that there has been a slight shift in the top 10 most commonly abused drugs. The most noteworthy is marijuana, moving from 3rd place to 2nd place recently. Most speculate this is due on part to the legalization of recreational marijuana in many parts of the country. 1-Alcohol: The CDAC notes that, “with over half (51.8%) of U.S. population identified as drinkers, alcohol is the #1 most abused substance. Nearly a quarter of the population participates in binge...

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Cocaine Statistics

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Cocaine Statistics  Back in the 1980’s we often heard about cocaine use and abuse but now it seems we hear more about heroin/opioids. However, although many people believe that cocaine is not a major threat like it used to be when cocaine use peaked in the 80’s, recent show that cocaine use is on the rise again. For instance, a study performed by the Substance Abuse and Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) showed that although cocaine use declined until the early 1990s, cocaine use has been rising in the...

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