Exercise Helps Anxiety and Depression

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Exercise Helps Anxiety & Depression If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety and are looking for a solution, consistent exercise may be key. Research shows that our physical, emotional, and mental parts are intertwined very intimately and can strengthen and support one another. Specifically, evidence points to three types of exercise that target alleviating anxiety and depression: running, hiking, and yoga. Running has a reputation for improving mood. It also burns calories, reduces food cravings, and...

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Teen Depression Becoming More Common in Boys

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Teen Depression Becoming More Common in Boys Sad but true, statistics show that more and more teen boys are living with depression. What was once thought to be more of a teen girl issue, has noticeably been seen in many teen boys. With rates of anxiety disorders and depression up among teen boys, depression among males is nearly as it is among females in this age group. Teen boys are learning and trying to become men. They get ideas about how to do this through television, movies, books, friends, and from older...

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Talking About Depression

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Talking About Depression Unfortunately, depression seems to be lurking everywhere. It’s become more common among teens and the elderly and remains a problem for many adults. Talking to those you love about their depression can be difficult. Individuals may become defensive, angry, or even more depressed. The website helpguide.org gives guidelines concerning the discussion about depression. Most individuals want to help those they love to overcome or lessen their depression and the following ideas and suggestions...

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5 Simple Things to Fight Depression

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5 Simple Things to Fight Depression When individuals feel depressed, they feel hopeless or as if nothing they do seems to lighten the load or lift their spirits. But there are some simple things they can do each day to bring more light into their dark world of depression. Just taking charge and doing something about depression can boost confidence and help the depression lighten in addition to getting help from a doctor or therapist when needed. Below are 5 things to fight depression: 1-Exercise. Take a short,...

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Using a blood test to screen for depression

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Using a blood test to screen for depression A new study published it the Journal Translational Psychiatry with Eva Redei, Ph.D. as lead investigator, indicates that screening for depression might soon be as easy as a blood test. The huffingtonpost.com reported on this study and said that the new test that identifies particular molecules in the blood could help doctors diagnose patients with clinical depression. Further, it was found that the blood test could also predict which therapies would be most successful...

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Moms taking their kid’s Ritalin to keep up

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Moms taking their kid’s Ritalin to keep up Most moms are overloaded with tasks, many work full or part time, some are still struggling to lose the weight they gained during pregnancies years ago, most are stressed out, tired, some are depressed…the list goes on and on. Some moms have much – maybe too much- on their plates and are turning to prescription drug to cope with the stress of their overburdened lives. In the 60’s and 70’s, drugs like valium became popular coping mechanisms for mom’s...

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