Illness or Health Crises Can Trigger PTSD

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Illness or Health Crises Can Trigger PTSD Many people associate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with veterans or victims of a serious crime or assault that results in emotional trauma. However, few realize just how much serious health diagnoses or illnesses can produce trauma and disturbing memories. This trauma can lead to disturbing dreams, trouble sleeping and concentrating, lack of interest in favorite activities, and feelings of hopelessness. Although different types of therapy, such as talk therapy,...

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Molina Insurance – In-Network Provider

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We are please to announce that we are now an In-Network provider for Molina Insurance. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us at 888-576-HEAL.

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12-Step Alternatives: CBT and REBT

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12-Step Alternatives: CBT and REBT The 12-step approach was started early in the 20th century before the medical community had any real understanding of what caused addiction, or how to treat it. The 12-step approach is a peer-based community support group…basically one addict or alcoholic helping another. It is a culture of recovery that is based in the personal opinions of those who attend meetings and does not take into account the science of addiction, the role of the mid-brain, or the overwhelming presence...

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How outpatient drug rehab is different

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How outpatient drug rehab is different Both in-patient and outpatient drug rehab programs are most often beneficial in overcoming addiction. However, many people want to pursue recovery without living in a facility. When comparing outpatient and inpatient drug treatment, it’s pretty easy to discern that the costs of inpatient treatment can be high and the services are more time consuming. However, if inpatient treatment is what is needed then those things shouldn’t deter someone from pursuing the right type of...

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