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Exercise and Recovery– Even More Reasons!

Adding exercise to a recovery routine is not anything new, but there is recent evidence that shows that exercise and recovery together are more powerful than once believed. Many rehab facilities are equipped with exercise equipment, classes, and instructors. It has been shown that gaining physical strength can lead to stronger mental strength and more emotional stamina. Mental strength and emotional stamina are both key in addiction recovery. Physical strength can also help to rid the body of harmful toxins.

A recent study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity, shows that regular physical activity can decrease your chances of relapse.

Further, integrating exercise into addiction recovery has so many benefits. A few of these include:

  • Becoming or remaining active in addiction recovery can help keep the body and mind busy, which can prevent relapse in early recovery.
  • Exercise leads to fewer cravings by increasing the brain’s pleasure neurotransmitters.
  • Hard physical exercise allows for the release of anger, stress, frustration, or other negative emotions which often arise during addiction recovery.
  • Studies show that increase physical exercise leads to better sleep as it can restore circadian rhythms or sleep cycles that are often thrown off from years of addiction. Because of this, falling asleep at night and staying asleep becomes more possible.
  • Exercise improves self-confidence while boosting energy as well. Further, research also shows that individuals who exercise believe they will recover from addictions; they have more hope.